Tuesday, 27 November 2012

White Nancy

As anyone who lives in the Bollington area will know, exasperated reports often crop up in the local press about graffiti being scrawled on White Nancy. (Those of you who don’t live in the Bollington area may be disappointed to know that White Nancy is not a person but a bell-shaped summerhouse on the beautiful Kerridge ridge; it’s shown on our Enquiry page.)

Anyway, as with so many things, it was ever thus!  We’ve just come across a postcard written by a visitor to White Nancy in the early part of last century which comments on the graffiti, as well as a little piece of local folklore:

‘Climbed up to this landmark with instructor R. Ridings & Patrol Leader Tom Forster on Sunday 25 July 1915. Had to come down in the pouring rain. It is a stone edifice whitewashed inside & out, it had been newly done outside. Inside the walls are covered in names and initials almost to the apex. On the floor is a big round stone table whose supports are now broken & round the edge is a narrow stone form. It is said a prize is to be given to anyone who can get the table top out of the doorway & roll it down the hillside. It is far too big to get thro’ it is all in one piece about 9 ft across.’

Over the last few years, a tradition has arisen of painting White Nancy to mark national events. Remembrance day has been commemorated with a poppy and this summer saw a Jubilee crown and then Olympic rings emblazoned on the side.  Previous (unauthorised) makeovers have included a Christmas pudding, Jimi Hendrix and – our own particular favourite – a penguin.  The picture shows White Nancy earlier this year, decked out to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.
Thanks to Ray at www.derbyshireheritage.co.uk for the photo. 


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